In collaboration with the Sydney Architecture Festival 2016, Culture Scouts created 4 custom Architectural tours around Chippendale. Small and smart, the Sydney Architecture Festival walking tours showed details of Chippendale and surrounds you might never have thought to look at and will reveal stories about its architecture you might never otherwise hear.

Highlights of these tours included a walk through of the notorious Indigo Slam with architects from Smart Studios, an educational and inspiring look through Micheal Mobbs 'off the grid' terrace and a detailed overview of some of Chippendales oldest buildings with architectural guru and Culture Scouts tour guide Matt Devine. 

'Thank you Culture Scouts for all your work in preparation for the Festival weekend – I think its been a really successful experiment to include tours that aren’t just for archi-nerds! I’m thrilled that we’ve been able to contribute to Culture Scouts too, I think this is what collaborative efforts are all about' 
- Diana Snape


Culture Scouts curated two bespoke tours in September for the Surry Hills Festival. These tours showcased the vibrant and dynamic suburb while highlighting new public art works as well as many local retail stores.  We are so proud that 100% of the proceeds were donated to the Surry Hills community! 

“Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre is privileged to partner with Culture Scouts for Surry Hills Festival 2016 and beyond. Given a brief of site specific history and contacts, Culture Scouts engaged with local community, entrepreneurs and creatives to deliver  bespoke guided tours for the entire community and visitors to enjoy. Culture Scouts supported SHNC’s fundraising objectives, whilst tour participants reported an experience filled with wonderful stories, personalities and samples of specialities on offer across Surry Hills. We look forward to further partnering with Culture Scouts across the year”

– Victoria Johnstone, Creative Producer, Surry Hills Festival