Taking people to places they've never seen

Words by Scott Pollock 

Over the past few months Culture Scouts have been working hard to bring their tours of Sydney’s unique cultural scene to the people! With tours in Newtown, Marrickville, Redfern and Chippendale with Bondi, Surry Hills and the CBD to come,  they’ve been helping us to celebrate the best in street art, galleries, craft beer and great food and coffee Sydney has to offer. 

On one such tour, Head Scout Emilya Colliver invited Wade Goring, a senior producer for Foxtel Arts, and close friend. Just recently, Wade was working with Emilya as an art consultant for the content he was producing for Foxtel Arts. A lot of mutual respect was developed.

Wade has worked for Foxtel for 15 years. The last ten he has been in the role of a Senior Producer. When Foxtel Arts started early this year he was fortunate enough to be included in a new team to create original local content for the art channel.

I have always loved and respected the arts so this was a great opportunity for me to learn and meet generous and creative people. Beyond working I spend A LOT of time creating art that merges traditional techniques with digital tools like Photoshop and Illustrator.

I managed to have quick look at Wade's work - what I saw I liked - I thought it also had a street feel about it. Check it out at here.   

Over the last month I've had the chance to chat to a few people who have done a tour with Culture Scouts - although they have all been delivered the same experience and content, everyone seems to take different things away with them. Wade was no different. "What I loved about it was that I was experiencing visual arts outdoors. That was great. I’ve lived in Sydney’s Inner West for almost 20 years and the tour took me to places I’d never seen. There was also a great underworld feel to the stories the guide told us. It sort of created a contextual atmosphere while viewing the street art. There's so much out there, I can't believe how many forms it takes."

Having a background in producing art related projects, I thought Wade may have a good idea what is it about Street Art and Graffitithat people find interesting. "I think what people find fascinating about street art is its anarchic nature that stems from illegal graffiti but has now evolved to be widely considered a legitimate and influential art form. For example an artist like Banksy has become a household name."

To finish our interview I thought it would be good to ask Wade to describe his experience in just a few words. A simple question but I sometimes find the answer can be enlightening. Wade had no hesitation in doing this.

Adventurous, Educational, Relaxing, Gritty and Revealing, were his answers.

Now there are five good reasons to join a tour. 

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