Daniel Boyd - What Remains, 2016

Words by Jaclyn Fenech

In the heart of Redfern, Daniel Boyd’s ‘What Remains’ is reflecting the daily movement of all things; people, traffic, animals, light and life itself. This site specific outdoor installation is part of the 20th Biennale of Sydney’s In-Between Spaces, a range of temporary installation works scattered around Sydney that take over a space for a limited time, occupy it and then disappear again.

Daniel Boyd is a Sydney based Indigenous artist who interrogates romanticized notions of colonisation and the subjectivity of historical records. He works across a range of mediums including painting, video and installation. His work opens up a space where dialogue, awareness and understanding of Indigenous histories becomes paramount.

Photo: @vaultartmagazine

Photo: @vaultartmagazine

What Remains, 2016, sees Daniel Boyd cover a wall in Redfern’s Eveleigh Street neighbourhood with more that 12,000 ‘lenses’ - reflective surfaces that focus and distort perception. Boyd’s work is all about close inspection, he encourages people to interact as they pass by. Their presence becomes part of the mirrored landscape where the reflected movements bring to life the two-dimensional surface.

The ever changing surface of the mirror installation is representative of the continuously transformation and evolving community of Redfern as well as the current gentrification that is happening in the suburb. Boyd’s work is added into the rich and diverse range of murals that address the complex histories of Australia’s Indigenous affairs the area and other urban communities.  

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Banner Image: @verdantflaneur

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