Chee Soon & Fitzgerald

Words Damien Choy

Who They Are

Design duo Casey Chee Soon and Bryan Fitzgerald run a store specialising in twentieth-century textiles and decorative arts. From bright upholstery fabrics to artist-designed scarves to ultra-luxe ceramics, the shop’s ineffable range of curios makes it one of the favourite stops on Culture Scout’s Chipper-Red Tours.


A Lasting Taste

In June 1966, Casey and Bryan left their jobs in accounting and hospitality respectively to pursue a joint dream: creating a shop that would push Sydney’s tastes in interior design and style. Twenty years later, Casey’s philosophy for the shop has not changed: “It’s important to like what you sell… People come through and like our quirky tastes and things they wouldn’t have thought have worked together and we can show them it does work together and be brave about it.”


Packed to the Rafters

Chee Soon and Fitzgerald are one of the few design shops that provide made-to-order textiles to customise any cushions or upholstery from their expansive inventory of stylish prints. The boys also provide trinkets and homewares from indiscriminate backgrounds of ceramics, glassware and porcelain, so long as they are, according to Casey, “objects of good pedigree”.

And the Perfect Customer?

The boys are open to anyone “that comes in with an open mind,” Casey says, “they are open to learning new things or seeing new things or trying new things and talk to us about. It’s enjoyable to show them the stuff that we have hidden upstairs.”


Chee Soon & Fitzgerald : 173 Regent Street, Redfern / @cheesoonfitzgerald


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