Galerie Pompom/MOP Projects x #CSrecommends

Galerie Pompom/MOP Projects x #CSrecommends

Words by Damien Choy

Who They Are

Managed by Samantha Ferris, Galerie Pompom holds a roster of some of the swankiest contemporary artists found on our Culture Scouts Chipper-Red Tour. MOP is the room joined at the front that provides experimental project spaces for artists looking to test the waters.

An Established Stable

Galerie Pompom hosts an innovative range of contemporary art, perfect for intermediate-to-serious art collectors. Visitors are just as likely to find bright figurative paintings and sculptures, as to find more conceptually abstract pieces incorporating space, sound and technology that push more post-modern questions about our times.

Adrian Hobbs, 'Parental Guidance Recommended', installation view.

Adrian Hobbs, 'Parental Guidance Recommended', installation view.

And a Stable Experiment

Started around the turn of the millennium by co-directors Ron and George Adams, MOP is a projects-based room for forward-thinking emergent artists to establish themselves, and for established artists to express themselves that may not be commercial to their parent galleries. The designated space is perfect for sculptural installations that aren’t singular features, although artists are just as free to hang canvases as they see fit.

A Sydney View

Director Ron Adams wants visitors to access the insights of contemporary art beyond the viewpoint of a casual observer. “I like them to be bamboozled by it all,“ Adams says, “there’s a certain audience for contemporary art. It’s open to everyone but I think it depends on the city’s vibe too, Sydney is a little bit sportier.”

“I like them to be questioned… to be a bit uncomfortable.”

Current exhibition:

Ron Adams, Leo Coyte, Chris Dolman, Philjames: Solid Gold Easy Action II

27 July - 21 August 2016

Upcoming exhibition:

Katthy Cavaliere: Photographs and Drawings - curated by Grace Burzese

24 August - 18 September 2016


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