Wellington St. Projects

Wellington St. Projects

Who Are They

Since 2013, Artists Genevieve Felix Reynolds and Belem Lett and a band of volunteers have co-ordinated to turn a converted warehouse into an alternative gallery for emerging Australian artists to make their splash.

Hidden but No Secrets

Through a terrace fortress, down an alley, through a leafy courtyard and into a warehouse, Wellington Street Projects is a hidden gem of a community outpost for art. Co-curator Genevieve Reynolds describes the space as an “informal meeting grounds for artists, curators and art-lovers to mingle. The more, the merrier.”


Affairs to Remember

Exhibitions are curated and scheduled based on proposals selected at the start of the year. The gallery caters exclusively to emerging and mid-career artists across Australia, with concerted efforts to woo art-school graduates to join their programs.


Full Spectrum

In representing Australia’s fledgling creatives, Wellington Street Projects encourages the exhibition of all types of media. Presenting artists in the past have included Anna McMahon, who works with plants to exemplify where nature meets the city’s edge, and Deb Mansfield’s photo-tapestry illustrations of the sea. Diversity of experiences appears to be the fulcrum that keeps this hideaway gallery alive.


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