Interview With Bryon Merzeo

Bryon Merzeo

Bryon Merzeo

Art, travel and culture enthusiast Bryon Merzeo has been taking like-minded groups of travellers to Hobart to experience Dark MOFO for the past two years, and has been attending the festival for even longer. Now a seasoned festival-goer, with an eye for great art, food and wine as well as an infectious enthusiasm, he is the perfect person to have on hand to navigate the weird and wonderful world of Dark MOFO.

We caught up with Bryon to get a sneak preview of his plans for this years trip.

What made you decide to run the Dark Mofo tours?
For the past two years I've organized and hosted groups down to Hobart and everyone has such a great time, including me! Having met Emilya [the founder and director of Culture Scouts] and sharing our passion for MONA and unique culture events, I think that this is an excellent opportunity for Culture Scouts to explore a new and fascinating festival and city.

What is have been the highlights of Dark Mofo for the past few years you've been going?
Hobart comes alive for the festival, with large scale and free events happening all the time.  The Winter Feas must be my favourite, where dozens of local artisan food and beverage suppliers come together and create a dazzling array to sample, along with MONA's touch of art and music as a backdrop.

Is there anything that you are particularly looking forward to this year?
With the opening of Hobart Brewing company right next to Dark Park, and their outdoor fire pits in the winter, I can't wait to try their seasonal brews before exploring the art.

There is an option to extend the trip, and spend a couple of days road tripping around rural Tasmania. What parts of that are you most excited about?
The road trip from Launceston to Hobart will be exceptional. I tested this out last year with a small group, and it was a real highlight.  We will visit Iron House Brewery and spend the night in their ocean side villas (I must like craft breweries!) and then bushwalk at Wineglass bay before a lunch at Devil’s Corner vineyard with fresh oysters.  It's a brilliant way to see the real Tasmania, before arriving in Hobart for the festival.

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