Indigenous Storytelling Tour, Redfern - 3 June

Have you ever wondered at the significance of the ‘Welcome to Redfern’ mural? Or what’s happening at The Block? Join guides Randall Arvilla and Carol D’Amici for an afternoon of storytelling, art, design and history in Redfern: one of Sydney’s most culturally rich suburbs.

This tour is a unique opportunity to learn about the indigenous history of inner-city Redfern and hear how the murals and street art act as commentary on the social, political and cultural issues synonymous to the area.

Snaking along the backstreets of this transitional suburb, you will see murals and artworks by Daniel Boyd, Tracey Moffatt, Blak Douglas, Nicole Monks and Reko Rennie; artists that are part of Sydney’s contemporary Indigenous community and vibrant art scene.

Other stops on the tour include access to the Cultural Centre, the Redfern Terrace Street Art Project, Hugo Street Reserve and The Block - locations that are representative of the political, cultural and social history of the Australian Aboriginal people who populated this area.

Both practicing artists, Randall and Carol (a member of the Northern River NSW Bundajung tribe) share their knowledge of Redfern, its colourful history and insight into the artworks that canvas the suburbs brick and mortar walls. Expect to hear converging stories of the Australian indigenous people, contemporary art and culture intertwined with tales and observations from the past and how they are connected to the people and suburb of Redfern today.

Building on the Indigenous Storytelling Tour that was held earlier this year for Sydney's Art Month, this is not a tour to be missed.

So don't miss out on this exclusive tour on 3rd June. Click below: