Culture Scouts LOVES ARIs

Wander down any neighbourhood classed as an ‘artistic haunt’ and you might be forgiven for wondering where the artists are. Well, artists are in fact locked up in their artist studios 24/7 (we’re joking of course - they can come out on birthdays) creating beautiful things!

Here we lay out a spread of artist run initiatives (or ARI’s for short) that are currently doing *amazing* creative things in Sydney. Keep an eye on them, and any events they are doing.

GAFFA Gallery - Sydney CBD

Starting in the CBD, if you’re a fan of the ARI, you may already have heard of Gaffa Gallery. Situated next to Town Hall, GAFFA prides itself on providing a space to emerging (and affordable) artists and their artworks. Past residents have included Art Pharmacy’s Freya Powell, Mark Rowden and Julia Kennedy-Bell, as well as many, many others. They also run  jewellery making workshops. Fans of Sydney architecture may also be interested to learn that Gaffa is in a heritage listed building, with over three floors to explore.

The Nest - Alexandria

A relatively new spot, The Nest is not only a creative space for artists, but hosts a whole range of events; from warehouse parties, to pop up exhibitions. Known for their vibrant lifestyle (think loud, great music and vintage furniture) and experimental approach to art. Plus they have a cat called Moto (what other excuse do you need?0. Don’t hold back on the visit if you hear of an event! The Nest will be moving to a new location in April 2018.

107 Projects - Redfern

107 Projects has been a powerhouse spot for up and coming artists for almost two decades. Moving from art spot icon, Hibernian House (a famed creative, graffiti soaked haunt that's been rocking on since the twenties) in Surry Hills in 2011, their new premises are next to Redfern Station (and near our fave foodie spots, drinking hole Bart Jnr and restaurant Redfern Continental), an frequently play host to performance, parties, exhibition launches and art sales. “Stepping into 107 is a bit like stepping inside the creative mind,” 107 explains. “Experiments happen and s*** gets weird – but ultimately great work emerges from a rich, creative culture.” Clearly, they’re not boring.

Credit: @107projectsinc


Monster Mouse - Marrickville

Hop on the Inner West train line to get to Marrickville - the up and coming creative neighbourhood that is often referred to amongst Sydneysiders as ‘the new Newtown’. Monster Mouse Studios is just one of the artists spaces that have popped up. This warehouse-style space hosts numerous artists, as well as exhibitions, workshops and even the occasional gig.

Monster Mouse Studio, Credit: Culture Scouts

Monster Mouse Studio, Credit: Culture Scouts