Our Pick for the Best Vintage Shops in Sydney

There’s more to shopping in Sydney than the towering malls of Pitt Street. If you’re looking for a clothing experience that doesn’t leave you with a fear of the inner city, and a large Gucci-sized hole in your bank account, then it’s time you ventured into Sydney’s suburbs for some hidden vintage treasures. If up-cycled fashion, pre-loved luxury and the faint musk of aged leather is your thing, you will want to get stuck into our favourite vintage shops. Based on years of scouring Sydney’s suburbs for the best bargains and undisclosed fashion labels, we have prepared a list of all the best places to get lost in antique fashion in Sydney.

Cream on King
317 King St, Newtown

Just opposite Newtown station on King Street, Cream is a staple of vintage fashion in the epicentre of the Inner West. Along with its counterpart of the same owner “Cream on Crown” in Surry Hills, Cream on King specialises in modern tailoring to give vintage pieces a new lease on life. At Cream you will find cheap denim that fits right, button up shirts in ridiculous patterns and lots of those garishly printed t-shirts that are enjoying a timely comeback.

Uturn Recycled Fashion
242 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville

Uturn takes more of a traditional “needle in a haystack” approach to vintage. The huge store (which you can also find in Surry Hills) is stacked to the brim of obscure 70s leather and enough fur to line Russia. It takes a little bit more sifting to find a gem in Uturn - but the search is all part of the journey. Come to Uturn if you want to find an outrageous, mid-priced party costume, any kind of sturdy vintage jacket or surprisingly, a practical pair of shoes.

C’s Flashback
314 Crown St, Surry Hills

C's Flashback has been in the vintage game for a long time, and it’s a staple visit on any trip down Crown Street. It’s got an impressive collection jackets, shirts and swimwear, as well as some unique one-off accessories like killer cat-eye glasses. Don’t forget to head downstairs into the basement to rifle through an entire floor of vintage leather and fur jackets and coats.

Zoo Emporium
180 Campbell St, Surry Hills

A stone’s throw from C’s Flashback, Zoo Emporium should be your next stop on the Surry Hills vintage trail. This shop is bursting with vintage fashion from all ages, but with special attention given to 20s and 30s fashion. This is an excellent stop to find the perfect bead-encrusted dress for your next rave, or an extravagant hat to wear around the house in your dressing gown. Don’t miss the accessories display at the front, there's enough recycled gemstones there to make anyone’s day.

Potts Point Vintage
2/8A Hughes St, Potts Point

If furs, wedding dresses and English fine china are your thing, look no further. Potts Point says it how it is - good vintage, in Potts Point. The little store is packed with big looks for mid range to cheap prices. Curated fashion is at it’s best in this suburb, and this vintage shop is a must visit.

St Vincent’s De Paul
292 Oxford St, Paddington


Oxford street is known and loved for it’s outrageous bars and flamboyant gay culture. It comes as no surprise then, that this Vinnies is the most fabulous of op shops in all of the inner and eastern suburbs. This is vintage goodness at seriously cheap prices. Hidden in and amongst the usual study hand-me-downs you can find feather boas, sparkly tops and ridiculously high shoes. Visit this Vinnies thrift store if you want a small dose of Paddington’s colourful culture.

Love Story Vintage
404 Oxford st, Paddington

Love Story is the elusive cool kid of Sydney vintage. Love Story began sporadically at markets and in a pop up shops, but now resides permanently in Paddington. Owner Liz has a long term love affair with vintage luxury clothing - Chanel, Versace, Gucci - she has travelled the world sourcing genuine pieces, all of which are authenticated before they go on the floor. Currently, she specialises in vintage Chanel bags, clothing and jewellery from the 90s. It is literally a love story for any luxury-lover with a budget to consider. You can find this gold mine nestled up on the Paddington end of Oxford Street.

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