Our top notch Cultural tour guides will take you around some of Sydney's best-hidden treasures in local food, coffee, street art, small bars and gallery hotspots. We are all about a local experience - Discover Sydney Differently - Chippendale, Redfern, Surry Hills & Newtown. We plan to launch Glebe, Darlinghurst/ King's Cross & Haymarket in 2017. Watch this space!  

If you book a walking tour you will explore lively laneways of contemporary street art and discover works by Sydney's most prolific street artists. Expect vividly patterned pieces by Beastman, Lister's grand ballerinas, and works by over 50 other Sydney-based artists such as JUMBOist, Bafcat, Skulk, Phibs, Numskull, Nico and David Cragg. Explore gallery and independent fashion and design spaces through curated routes around Sydney's most creative suburbs, with a coffee in hand of course! And afterwards, Settle down and unwind with local brews, cocktails, wine, cheese and nibbles loved by the locals. 

Culture Scouts Walking Tours;
explore something new and a little bit different about the city of Sydney.


Spent a lovely relaxed morning wander through Surry Hills with Sophia. Walk was great mixture of architecture, local history, galleries, and of course some food tasting. A great way to get to know your hometown
— Jennifer F, Sydney, Australia
Culture Scouts were so great to deal with and offer such unique experiences. I loved it as a local, so I imagine a tourist would be blown away by the local knowledge and this way to discover things off the usual trail. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
— Suzig79, Sydney, Australia
Culture Scouts ran a tour in Newtown for our VIP club members in December 2015. Culture Scouts was the perfect choice for our brand, as they value and celebrate creative though and expression, diversity and innovation, just like we do. One of our club members summed up the Culture Scouts experience perfectly: “Swatch gave us the opportunity to see beauty, even in the most hidden alleys and laneways of a busy and mostly ignored suburb.” Emilya and the Culture Scouts team were extremely helpful, creative in their ideas and fulfilling our brief and I would happily recommend them to anyone!
— Faye Solomidis - Marketing Manager, SWATCH & FLIK FLAK
The tour was so well organised, and Sophia was delightful. We aren’t from Australia, but even if we were I would still say these tours are really interesting to take part in as you get to see a side of these areas that you may not experience if you were just driving through. I will be recommending these tours to all of my friends who come to visit Sydney!
— Natalia P, Auckland, NZ
We spent a fabulous day in Sydney with Emilya Colliver of Culture Scouts. We saw so many places and saw so many people … All too soon, our tour came to an end, but we will never forget it. Thank you Emilya and Culture Scouts!
— Jane, Malibu, California
 Artwork: Will Coles

Artwork: Will Coles

We booked a tour with Culture Scouts for a group of high school photography and art students, and we had an amazing experience! Our tour guide Melinda was full of information about various street artists and the way they work. She took us through an array of artworks that challenged the students notion of what art can be, as well as allowing them to capture some great images around the Inner West. There were so many rich connections with our study of contemporary art, but we were able to experience it firsthand. We even came across some works being made and met the artists! I highly recommend a Culture Scouts tour as a secondary school excursion. We will definitely be doing it again!
— Bronwyn Zucker - Teacher, Visual Arts, William Clarke College

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